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The Friends of Bandelier shall support activities at Bandelier National Monument in keeping with the purposes for which the monument was established, including, but not limited to preservation and restoration, educational and interpretive programs, outreach and cultural programs, research and planning.

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You can read the Spring 2010 Edition of the Bandelier National Monument Fire Management Program by clicking on this link.

Seasons of Bandelier
Photos by Laurie McGavran

I don't want to put up pictures of the burn; you can see those elsewhere, and it is too depressing. I have been told that the wildflowers on Burnt Mesa are stunning, but I have not been out to take any photos yet. So, these photos are staying for a while longer.

Follow the latest, and see more photos, at Bandelier's web site, . Towards the bottom of that page are links to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and the Ranger Blog.

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1919 New Trail to Bland

Frijoles Canyon

Falls Trail

Climbing Cerro Grande

Sunset from Burnt Mesa

Hiking in Frijoles Canyon

Photos by Laurie McGavran
Click on any image for a larger version

Sego Lily (photo by Ranger Sally King)

Iris and Swallowtail on Cerro Grande

Young Cottontail Rabbit

Raven Panting in the Heat

Badger Family (photo by Ranger Sally King)


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